Scaffolding Rentals

Why should you rent from Entertainment fabrication?
We spend time with you on the phone or in person making sure we understand the full scope of what you are trying to achieve, not just blindly renting you some pre-set package. We want to insure that you are getting everything that you need, and aren't having to pay for stuff you won't use. Almost every quote we send out is accompanied by a 3D drawing, That way you can see exactly what you are getting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the products. Also, because we started as a fab shop, if you need custom parts for your project for some reason, we can easily build whatever you need.

Call us today at 214-509-8598 to let us help design your next project, or email your needs to

Our Scaffolding is kept clean and routinely re-painted so if you need scaffold for an indoor use, or for theater production you don't have to worry about leaving a trail of dirt behind you. If you are in production and need black scaffolding frames, let us know, we have converted quite a few of our components to black so that they are more production friendly.

Below is a list of some of our major stocked components:

  • walk-through frames in both yellow and black (our frames are 6'6" high so you can actually walk through without having to duck.)

  • casters or screw jack feet (we can even screw adjust our casters)

  • safety rails

  • aluminum / ply walk boards

  • internal stair cases

  • huge selection of pipe and scaffold clamps for building almost any size or shape structure

Delivery and setup are available.

Click here for our rental agreement.

(Products may NOT be painted, drilled into, or modified in any way without prior written permission from Entertainment Fabrication. Damage to product or excessive wear and tear may cause additional charges)