Ultimate Theater Base Plate 20"

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Our Ultimate Theater Base Plate is the most flexible, durable, and user friendly bases for production. As a lighting boom base, it offers 2 threaded holes for 1.5" pipe, one in the center, and one on the edge. This allows you to center the mass of your fixtures better above the footprint of the base, requiring less ballast. It also has our truss pattern that accepts square and triangle truss from 12" to 20.5". We have threaded all 4 corners 5/8" x 11 for leveling on uneven surfaces. installing casters, or bolting down to decks. It can be used as a base plate for pipe and drapery, TV's, and other common items that usually have their own custom bases. Now you only have to stock and store 1!

Default base plate color is wrinkle black. If you need another color, or need holes threaded to a different size, please let us know.

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Actual product design may vary from drawings due to Ent Fab constantly trying to improve its products, if you have a specific need or question feel free to call or email us.